"The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better."

Robert F. Kennedy


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Raise Awareness, Increase Donations and Find Volunteers

Make an impact

Wether you are just starting a non-profit or already running a successful one , getting the word out about what you are doing is essiential.

Nonprofit organizations should highlight their mission or cause while engaging suporters.

Read through our other helpful suggestions to see how you can start making the difference in your organization now.


How to engage supporters

Running an ok campaign vs a great campaign could make all the difference. When you are trying to raise money for your organization you need 3 key ingredients.

1. Create a sense of relationship with your audience. Compationate people want to know that they can get to know you. This can be done by giving a little information about yourself and a way to contact you and stay in touch.

2. They need to know where the monetary donation is going and in a tangible way. For example, if you are feeding the hungry give an idea of what the money is going to provide or exactly what item the donation will buy ex(For $.60 a day you can feed a child this pictured or described meal).


How to find volunteers

Highlight the impact the volunteer will create. Volunteers need to know that they will make a difference.

To find skilled volunteers and people that are intereesting in volunteering you should position your organization in front of relevant professionals who are interested in donating their skills and expertise to a nonprofit.


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